The idea was to create something different , unique and new of its kind.

Something that at first glance may seem similar to many other realities, but with that pinch of diversity, imagination and creativity that we always strive to find in the actions we carry out, the recurrence of similarity vanishes and only that originality can be felt from us so much searched.

BASECESENA was born with the aim of representing a dynamic concept in continuous collaboration with both established brands and emerging realities of the moment, through exchanges of ideas and real partnerships. Ours is a philosophy linked to the world of streetwear at 360 degrees, this pushes us to continuously research contemporary trends, fashions and trends.

SNEAKER CORNER has tried to merge passion and our personal taste with a commercial activity - thus becoming a point of reference in Italy for all sneaker enthusiasts. When the limited production of a shoe does not satisfy the very high demand, reselling comes into play, a lifeline for all sneaker enthusiasts - and BASECESENA is definitely the place to go to find hard-to-find models.


Where we are?

Corso Sozzi 68, Cesena

393 757 1963