What does CONSIGNMENT consist of?

Consignment consists of a sales method between a private individual and a shop. Do YOU ​​have a product to sell and can't place it? Come to us and we will sell it for you! You will receive the payment (agreed) once your item is sold

How do I place a product on consignment?

You can place a product on consignment by filling out the form HERE

When can I come to the store and/or send you to leave a product for consignment?

Once you have filled out the form we will take care of your request and if we accept it you can deliver it or send it to us immediately!

Do you apply extra taxes on product payouts?

No, the agreed payment will be entirely that established at the time of taking charge of the object. There will be no nasty surprises or extra taxes at the time of payment

Where can I ask for help?

Feel free to email us at


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